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People on this island kill anyone that comes ashore

An Island To Die For
There is an island the size of Manhattan called the North Sentinel Island. Its inhabitants are an indigenous tribe that have had limited contact with the outside world for the past 60,000 years. Any outsiders that try to contact or visit the island have been killed or attacked by these tribesmen. The island which is located in the Indian Ocean is so dangerous that India’s government has established a three mile execution zone to avoid any further conflict.
The Sentinelese are among the last people to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization, they prefer their

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New blood test able to diagnose most cancers with 96% certainty

Researchers at the VUMC institute in Amsterdam have announced that a new blood test in early development will be able to detect whether a person has cancer. Currently the only way it is possible to diagnose most cancers is with scans and biopsies. However even these are not reliable as tumors need to be a certain size before they are detectable.

Diabetic is doing a glucose level finger blood test

The researchers found that thromobocytes or blood platelets from cancer patients contain unique RNA markings

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17 year old Danish girl fights off rapist and now will be charged with a fine


A 17 year old girl was physically and sexually assaulted in Sonderburg on Wednesday night at 10pm.  She said that the man who was dark skinned and did not speak Danish knocked her to the ground and then began unbuttoning her pants in an attempt to undress her. She was eventually able to stop the attack by using pepper spray on her assailant.

“It is however illegal to possess pepper spray in Denmark, so she will likely be charged for that said” said a local

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Fidgeting for calories

Ever wonder why that annoying girl at your work who is always tapping her feet or clicking her pen manages to stay so skinny?. Turns out that the actual act of her fidgeting might be the answer. New research has shown that the habit of extra little movements throughout the day contribute to why some people are able to stay so lean, whilst obese individuals tend to be a lot more sedentary.

Just how many extra calories a day could you burn from fidgeting? Well that depends on how often and how intensely you fidget, roughly around 300-350 calories per day.

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PUBLIC SHAMING ON SOCIAL MEDIA Here are the stories of two victims. Don’t let the same happen to you.

Lindsey Stone

Lindsey Stone had a running joke with one of her friends. Whenever either of them came across a sign, they would pose in a way that would seem defiant of the sign, goofing off around the sign and doing the opposite to what it said. For instance, if there was a non-smoking sign, she would pose underneath it smoking a cigarette.

article-0-1623121A000005DC-19_634x478 The photo that sparked outrage across the internet

In 2012, Lindsey made the unfortunate mistake of taking a photo in front of a

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