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Stop saying “sorry” if you meant to say “thank you”


It happens often, we find ourselves in situations where we are apologising assuming people appreciate the politeness or good manners yet the other person is more likely to be pleased with words of gratitude than an apology from you.


People often say sorry a lot without actually realising why they are saying it. Saying thank you instead shows that you are self confident and it lets the

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Justin Beiber seen drinking alone at a gay bar

Justin Beiber was seen drinking alone in a North Holywood gay bar. He apparently entered Club Cobra at around 9pm, ordered a drink and sat alone at the bar.
The bouncer approached him to ask for a photo, to which Justin obliged. The bar was empty except for the bartender and staff and the bouncer believes that Justin did not realise he had walked into a gay bar.
The bar apparently doesn’t get it’s usual clientele until around 11:30. Justin left at around

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17 year old Danish girl fights off rapist and now will be charged with a fine


A 17 year old girl was physically and sexually assaulted in Sonderburg on Wednesday night at 10pm.  She said that the man who was dark skinned and did not speak Danish knocked her to the ground and then began unbuttoning her pants in an attempt to undress her. She was eventually able to stop the attack by using pepper spray on her assailant.

“It is however illegal to possess pepper spray in Denmark, so she will likely be charged for that said” said a local

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Pit Bull Rescues Unconscious Owner from Oncoming Train


Move over, Lassie. A Massachusetts pit bull named Lilly took on a freight train last week to save her owner, who collapsed unconscious onto the tracks during a late-night walk in Shirley.

The 8-year-old dog used her teeth to pull Christine Spain, 54, off the tracks as the train approached. While Spain emerged unscathed, Lilly lost a leg.

The train’s engineer, who didn’t want to give his name, said he spotted the woman and her dog on the tracks just after midnight on May 3,

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Dean Karnazes: the man who can run for ever

Most runners have to stop when they reach their lactate threshold, but Dean Karnazes’ muscles never tire: he can run for three days and nights without stopping. What’s his secret?


From club runners to Olympians, every athlete has a limit. Scientifically, this limit is defined as the body’s lactate threshold and when you exercise beyond it, running rapidly becomes unpleasant. We’ve all experienced that burning feeling – heart pounding, lungs gasping for air – as your muscles begin to fatigue, eventually

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People on this island kill anyone that comes ashore

An Island To Die For
There is an island the size of Manhattan called the North Sentinel Island. Its inhabitants are an indigenous tribe that have had limited contact with the outside world for the past 60,000 years. Any outsiders that try to contact or visit the island have been killed or attacked by these tribesmen. The island which is located in the Indian Ocean is so dangerous that India’s government has established a three mile execution zone to avoid any further conflict.
The Sentinelese are among the last people to remain virtually untouched by modern civilization, they prefer their

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