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Trump’s New Deal For Student Loans

Student Loans in the US have had much revising of late, and President Donald Trump’s administration has put into place a contract that will add to the changes, with a direct effect on borrowers. This new contract will mean that four private companies now handle federal student loans, that have still to be paid back. This amounts to billions of dollars, and so is no small plan. This is said to streamline to entire process of collecting repayments of the outstanding student loans, and increase efficiency both on the collection and customer service end of the job.

Under President

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US Student Loans Revise Repayments

Every country has a different set of criteria for repaying back their student loans. In the US, the Federal government have made an interesting change in the way in which those with outstanding student loans pay them back – stating that they can cap the repayments at 10% maximum of their disposable income. This reworked plan for repaying the student loan has been named REPAYE (Revised Pay As You Earn), and this is likely to make a massive difference to thousands of people struggling to live as well as pay back their student debt.

Who can benefit from this?

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What Are The Best Student Credit Cards?

Credit cards can be a brilliant tool when used responsibly, however, use a credit card the wrong way and you are likely heading for trouble. As a student, funds are limited, and so while it is inevitable you will wish to get a credit card, it is important that you choose the right one for your personal circumstance.

Should you always go for 0% interest?

The answer is almost always yes, choose a 0% interest credit card. However, you must be aware that you are still mostly charged interest on cash withdrawals. It is also vital that you work

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Why Consolidate Direct Student Loans?

In the US, there is an option to consolidate direct student loans in order to manage the loan repayments better. This is something that can be done at no extra cost to the borrower, however there are certain aspects to be aware of, as with any loan consolidation. Here we discuss a bit about why you should consolidate direct student loans, as well as the pitfalls to watch out for.

The number one reason for consolidating student loans is so that the borrower can keep on top of their payment in a more simple way, knowing where they are

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Average Household Debt on the Rise

It has been reported that the average American household has around $16,000 of debt, which is most commonly credit card debt. Much of this however is said to be due to rising living costs (but not rising wages), medical bills, and paying a mortgage. While most of us don’t worry about medical bills here in the UK, credit card debt and large mortgages are still very real, and our average household debt shows no sign of slowing down either.


With England and Wales almost in the same position as Americans when it comes to further education and University

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How Do I Get Finance with a Bad Credit Score? – Bad Credit Score Loans

Whether hard times were to blame for your bad credit score, or irresponsible behaviour, trying to get finance again as a reformed character can feel impossible. Even if you find yourself in a position with a steady income, with a bad credit score you will be seen by lenders as high risk, with most of them only willing to lend at an extremely high interest rate. Here, we talk through a few options for getting finance when you have a bad credit score.

Click Here To get A List Of Lenders That Will Borrow You Money With A

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