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A New Ice Planet is Discovered

A new ice planet has been discovered that is the size of planet Earth. This planet has been found moving around a star that is the same distance to it, as the earth is from the sun. What has fascinated both researchers and astronomers alike, around the world, is that unlike the sun, this star is a lot smaller and cooler than it. This planet is therefore more likely to sustain icy conditions, not too dissimilar to Pluto, despite Pluto being an extremely far way from it’s star, the sun.

How did scientists discover this?

According to a Journal

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The Brain is Wrapped in One Giant Neuron

The brain is the most complex part of the body, and one that even experts will feely admit still baffles them at times. In terms of understanding the human brain, we have only just begun. The latest to be revealed by scientists is that there is one single giant neuron that is wrapped around our entire brain. Neurons are a form of brain cell that generate the bio-electrochemical signals that make each individual, an individual. This neuron in question forms part of a group of other neurons in the brain.

One of three long neurons, these are said to

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The future of driverless cars.

Most of you have heard about driverless cars and seen them in action in movies like I-robot, but could this futuristic idea be a possibility in the next couple of years? Driverless cars would come with a wide variety of advantages such as improved safety due to elimination of human error as well as reduced traffic congestion on roads. This technology was thought to be decades away but recently it was stated by CEO of electric car maker Tesla, Elon Musk, that driver

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Herbal remedies can sometimes cause cancer


We live in a world where most people assume that natural is always better, of course for this to be true you’d have to disregard things like arsenic, hemlock and snake venom. The truth of the matter is a lot of things in the natural world can make us ill or even kill us.
The scientific communities are starting to push back and refute the faulty logic of a lot of these herbal remedies. I mean who needs modern medicine when the Chinese have

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Adidas opens in Germany using robots to make shoes


Adidas has re-opened in Germany after an announcement that it will begin distribution of it’s first series of shoes manufactured by robots.

The factory is still under construction however it is open to the press. Adidas has pledged to fully automate shoe production by 2017, which is currently done mostly by hand in Asian markets. This will allow shoes to be made much faster and closer to sales outlets

Large-scale production will begin in 2017 and Adidas was planning a second “Speed Factory” in the United

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Mutation Has Slowed Down x4000 Since Evolution

Scientists have discovered an extremely fast rate of mutation during evolution, at the beginning of time, which shows these initial life forms to have evolved at a rate 4000 times faster that we would see in our present day. A large amount of the mutations we are discussing have been spontaneous, which are caused by cytosine deamination, which is the loss of an amine group from cytosine, which is one of the four bases that makes up DNA. The process in turning and transforming such DNA codes is something that is faster and more efficient in higher temperatures. Therefore,

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Climate Change To Cause Sickness and Chaos

You will have to have been living under a rock not to have heard about the effects of climate change – something that is very real, and it’s side effects can already be noticed now. Many people still discount climate change, or think of it as something that will affect the future generations only, but the natural disasters are already telling us that it is very much today’s problem. Whether it be the rising sea levels or the melting polar ice caps, climate change is set to cause more sickness and chaos than you might have realised.

Climate change

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Scientists using Algae in the fight against cancer

Scientists in Australia have successfully engineered algae nanoparticles to combat cancer. They were successful in killing over 90% of the targeted cancer cells. They were also able to kill of cancerous tumours in mice. With the use of engineered Diatom algae combined with chemotherapy drugs “we are seeing a regression in tumours in mice” said  Nico Voelcker from the University of South Australia.

Chemotherapy drugs are usually toxic to healthy tissues, however the researchers engineered the algae to produce antibody-binding proteins which

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Research shows, Omega-3 lowers childhood aggression in short term.

New research has found that incorporating Omega-3 vitamins and minerals into the diets of children with aggression has a very high success rate of reducing this behaviour in the short term. These were the findings that came out of a recent study by the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry.

close-up portrait of a very angry screaming boy

Adrian Raine, the Richard Perry University Professor of Criminology, Psychology and Psychiatry, has spent his career looking at how the brain’s biological functioning affects antisocial behavior. He focuses specifically

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New study finds coffee helps prevent alcohol related liver disease


It turns out coffee was not just invented to wake you up in the morning and help you deal with your unruly children.

A new study with over 43,000 participants, which lasted over 2 decades found that drinking as little as one or two cups of coffee per day lowers your chances of developing alcohol related liver cirrhosis. The study found compelling evidence which demonstrated a statistical reduction of around 44% in developing cirrhosis in participants that were daily coffee drinkers. The review which

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