Are Ipads still worth it in 2019?

It’s been 9 years since Steve jobs initially unveiled the first Ipad to the world. A device that people were calling the next step in our evolution and something that will change the way we consume news and media. When it first launched Apple stocks fell sharply, a lot of people were unsure what to make of this new product and were referring to it as an elarged iphone.

Ipad sales were exceptionally low on the year of its initial release, not even reaching 3.5million. Without the ability to play flash media, which at the time was how most web content was displayed, and instead opting to run on html5 it really didn’t make a lot of sense to consumers or anyone at the time. A lot of people were beginning to question whether Apple were still the market leaders and innovators of the mobile device industry.

However, Apple isn’t the type of company to do something without a long-term vision in mind. Since the launch of the Ipad Apple had made some rather precise predictions that a lot of other companies got wrong, adobe flash for example was a dying technology, and therefore except initially this design choice did not impact usability for very long.

By the following year apple sold 4.2 million Ipads, this was quite a surprise to the naysayers as people had predicted that the Ipad would be binned by Apple, and almost anyone who was in support of it was singled out as an “Apple fanboy”, however popularity continued to grow amongst almost everyone. By 2014 Apple sold over 26 million Ipads. No one could have predicted the monumental success after such a poor launch.

By this point a lot of the companies that were laughing when Apple originally launched the Ipad in 2010 were now rushing to develop their own versions of the Ipad. Yet Apple reigned supreme, having been the brave pioneers in this marketplace.

So where are we today? Apple now pitches the Ipad as a device that can quite comfortably replace your laptop or PC, and we can’t argue with them. There is not much you can’t do on an Ipad in 2019 that you can do on a laptop.

So, are Ipads still worth it in 2019? The answer would have to be a resounding yes!

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